Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Editing Blog Posts

I've received a few questions about problems formatting text using Blogger's WYSIWYG editor. I want to offer a couple of tips.

First, you may want to cut and paste and text that you intend to use on your blog into a text-only editor before pasting it into Blogger's editor. This will strip out any residual formatting that may be carried from programs like Microsoft Word. You can then apply formatting in Blogger.

If you're a Windows user, then using Notepad should do the trick. On the Mac side, you may want to consider a free program like Textwrangler ( Although TextEdit can also be used the same way, it defaults to retain some formatting from other contexts.

Second, if your WYSIWYG options seem to disappear (e.g., you can't find the dropdown menu for changing the font), make sure you are in the right editing mode. There are three separate modes in Blogger's editor and you can switch between them using the buttons at the top right. See the illustration below.

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