Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mapping Sites

Two useful links for our class discussion tonight. The first is an article from a site (Boxes and Arrows) that's a great resource for topics related to information architecture. The second is a Web 2.0 application that's attempting to take some of the pain out of diagramming sites.

Site Diagrams: Mapping an Information Space


Clouds Gathering (?/!)

Two more articles following threads of our in-class conversations about industry news.

Swine Flu Outbreak Tracked With Twitter

Tech giants form open cloud standards group

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Team Right

This is the list created by Team Right, which consisted of:

  • Wen
  • Dalal
  • Clifton
  • Sam
  • Taka
  • Grace

Who is target audience?

What are we offering?

How are we offering content?

Why did you choose the blog title and URL?

Why did you choose your layout?

Should the blog title and URL be the same?

Should they be easily memorable?

Are they memorable?

How are they spelled?

How should the blog be laid out?

How does the headline connect with your target audience?

How does it relate to your content?

Should your gadgets be on the left or right side?

What font should you choose and why?

What size are your fonts sizes?

What font colors should you choose?

Should you change the colors of you predetermined layout and if so, why?

What gadgets should you choose?

Should you create your blog using HTML or the readymade layouts?

Should you add a labeling gadget to your page?

How should you design your archive (date?)

What labels should you choose?

How detailed should the labeling terminology be?

Should your blog be personalized?

Should take advantage ability to use ad space on your blog?

Should your link and label colors be attractive?

Why did you choose that specific color?

Do you want to create your own header/title?

What color should it be?

Should it stand out or be related to the rest of your layout?

Should your post titles be specific to your content?

Should you use color to create importance?

Is your blog content heavy/specific?

Should your color hierarchy reflect this?

Should visited links have a separate color?

Should you use different fonts for your overall layout?

Do you want a blog archive?

How do you want other people to feel about your blog?

Would you change anything if you suddenly had a large about of followers?

Should you have a list of followers on your blog?

Should you use video and or images on your blog?

Do you want feedback on your blog?

Have you taken different monitor sizes and browser windows into account?

Do you want subscribers to your blog and if so, do you want to display that?

Do you want RSS feed on your blog?

Should you label?

Team Left

Here is the list produced on March 25 by Team Left, which consisted of:

  • Lana
  • Eduardo
  • Jimmy
  • Karolina
  • Kin
  • Oscar
  • Kenson

1- URL - what's my url? is it remarkable? is it related to my content? is the URL the same as my Blog title?

2- Blog title - is it appropriate? does it define the blog purpose?

3- Colors scheme: What kind of feelings/impression are you trying to convey?

4- Fonts: is the content the right size? readable?

5- Layout / template: -which template should we pick?

6- background: - Is the background helping to convey the design mood?

7- Labels - Should I use labels? if yes, How should I label them?

8- images: Should I use images? are the appropriate to the content? Should I mention credits?

9- subtitles / headers: should they be different from the body style? Should they be consistent? Should I use the same title of the article?

10 links: Should I add links to the articles? should I mention the entire URL?

11- Banner Choices: Should I keep the same banner? Should I include a banner in my blog?

12- Usability: What do you mean by usability? is user friendly?

14-Interaction: Can people comments?

15- right Context: Is the context related to the theme?

16- right Content: is the information related to the theme?

17- source: Should I give credits to the

18- Define unknown terms

19- target audience

20- mission

21- Personal Information

22- Copy rights

23- Consistency

24- Credits

25- Index

26- Post dates

27- Meta-tag

28- How many post per page

Privacy and Persistence

It seems that the two issues we touched on last week are really alive in the press these days. Consider these three articles:

Should You Worry About Data Rot?

Storage: The bytes build up – but where can we put them?

Brussels to investigate consumer profiling by online advertisers

First, I hope you noticed the two different headline capitalization styles (the first clip is from the New York Times, the second two are from the Financial Times). Presentation aside, these are interesting in light of our discussion last week.

The first two articles address the question of backing up data. The "Data Rot" article looks at the question of storage alternatives from the individual consumer's point of view. It may not say much for the safety of CDs and DVDs as backup media, but read what the person interviewed thinks of online backups!

The second article considers the incredible rise in data volume produced by business. It also strongly questions the viability of any kind of cloud-based backup solution.

Finally, the third article speaks to our discussion of privacy when surfing the Web. European policy officials will be meeting to consider the problems posed by the way data is collected online.

The depth of what's available to interested commercial parties transcends anything as simple as cookie tracking or disingenuous data collection forms. Essentially, users are asked to waive fundamental rights to privacy when simply accessing the Web from home. Very interesting reading.

There may not be much that can be done to change persistent data trails left by the nature of the Web medium, but the article mentions transparency about that data trail as one goal of a more appropriate online environment. This sort of transparency is absolutely something that can be reinforced by choices in information and interaction design.