Friday, February 13, 2009

HW Assignment #3 (Due February 18)

Assignment #3

Your assignment this week is a short one. I'd like you to find one article published online within the last two weeks that pertains to the Web or information technology in a way that you think is significant (or just interesting).

First, I'd like you to write a very short summary of the article (think two to three sentences at most). Then I'd like you to explain briefly what it is about the article that you think would be of interest to the class.

Be sure to include a link to the original article. It could be a blog post, but if so, it should not be a post that merely recapitulates an article from another source. If it is, then just go to the source article and note that you discovered it through a blog.

Please follow our new file-naming convention when submitting the assignment. For anyone who didn't note it:

hw[number]_adv3560_[first initial][first 3 characters of last name].[file suffix]

So, if I were the one submitting this assignment as a Word document, I'd send a file that was named:


Typed, double-spaced Word, PDF, or text document with 12 pt font size. (I strongly prefer .doc files to .docx files.)

Submission Guidelines:
Email as an attachment to or with "HW Assignment #3" as the subject line.

Please include your name and assignment number in the body of the document.

Due Date:
6 p.m., Wednesday, February 18

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