Friday, February 27, 2009

HW Assignment #5 (Due March 4)

HW Assignment #5


Your assignment for this week is to make a list with brief notes about all of your classmates' blogs. That means you should have a total of 16 entries with brief comments about the design of your each blog. You should use the list on this site to go to each of the blogs, and visit them in the order you find on the list (alphabetized by first name).

In this case, I want you to concentrate on the presentation of information, not the content of what they submitted as previous assignments. Your comments don't have to be whole sentences, but I'd like you to tell me what you notice. Comments can be positive and can also be critical -- but always be polite in how you phrase your notes.

You should email a copy of these comments to me as homework, but also bring a copy (digital is fine, as long as you can access it) to class. We're going to discuss your findings.

Also, be prepared to introduce your own blog and talk about the choices that you made. You don't have to prepare comments about your own blog in writing, but be ready to talk about it.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMAT OF YOUR BLOG UNTIL AFTER WEDNESDAY. You may get ideas from looking at your classmates blogs (this is good), but please don't change things until after we talk about your first attempt.

You can and should, however, also add two new posts to your blog: another article and five more terms with definitions and citations.


For this homework assignment, I'd like you to use the following layout convention in your document:

[Number]. [Name of Classmate] ([Blog URL])
[Notes about Blog]

This means that if I started a list, the first two entries would look like this:

1. Anna (

Interesting use of ... ; I also like ...; I wonder why the blog ...; etc.

2. Aziza (

Interesting use of ... ; I also like ...; I wonder why the blog ...; etc.

Otherwise, usual standards apply: typed, double-spaced Word, PDF, or text document with 12 pt font size. (I strongly prefer .doc files to .docx files.)

Submission Guidelines:
Email as an attachment to or with "HW Assignment #5" as the subject line.

Please include your name and assignment number in the body of the document.

Due Date:
6 p.m., Wednesday, March 4


  1. Thanks for letting me know, Grace. There was a problem with the URL in the list. It should be working now.