Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Team Left

Here is the list produced on March 25 by Team Left, which consisted of:

  • Lana
  • Eduardo
  • Jimmy
  • Karolina
  • Kin
  • Oscar
  • Kenson

1- URL - what's my url? is it remarkable? is it related to my content? is the URL the same as my Blog title?

2- Blog title - is it appropriate? does it define the blog purpose?

3- Colors scheme: What kind of feelings/impression are you trying to convey?

4- Fonts: is the content the right size? readable?

5- Layout / template: -which template should we pick?

6- background: - Is the background helping to convey the design mood?

7- Labels - Should I use labels? if yes, How should I label them?

8- images: Should I use images? are the appropriate to the content? Should I mention credits?

9- subtitles / headers: should they be different from the body style? Should they be consistent? Should I use the same title of the article?

10 links: Should I add links to the articles? should I mention the entire URL?

11- Banner Choices: Should I keep the same banner? Should I include a banner in my blog?

12- Usability: What do you mean by usability? is user friendly?

14-Interaction: Can people comments?

15- right Context: Is the context related to the theme?

16- right Content: is the information related to the theme?

17- source: Should I give credits to the

18- Define unknown terms

19- target audience

20- mission

21- Personal Information

22- Copy rights

23- Consistency

24- Credits

25- Index

26- Post dates

27- Meta-tag

28- How many post per page

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