Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Team Right

This is the list created by Team Right, which consisted of:

  • Wen
  • Dalal
  • Clifton
  • Sam
  • Taka
  • Grace

Who is target audience?

What are we offering?

How are we offering content?

Why did you choose the blog title and URL?

Why did you choose your layout?

Should the blog title and URL be the same?

Should they be easily memorable?

Are they memorable?

How are they spelled?

How should the blog be laid out?

How does the headline connect with your target audience?

How does it relate to your content?

Should your gadgets be on the left or right side?

What font should you choose and why?

What size are your fonts sizes?

What font colors should you choose?

Should you change the colors of you predetermined layout and if so, why?

What gadgets should you choose?

Should you create your blog using HTML or the readymade layouts?

Should you add a labeling gadget to your page?

How should you design your archive (date?)

What labels should you choose?

How detailed should the labeling terminology be?

Should your blog be personalized?

Should take advantage ability to use ad space on your blog?

Should your link and label colors be attractive?

Why did you choose that specific color?

Do you want to create your own header/title?

What color should it be?

Should it stand out or be related to the rest of your layout?

Should your post titles be specific to your content?

Should you use color to create importance?

Is your blog content heavy/specific?

Should your color hierarchy reflect this?

Should visited links have a separate color?

Should you use different fonts for your overall layout?

Do you want a blog archive?

How do you want other people to feel about your blog?

Would you change anything if you suddenly had a large about of followers?

Should you have a list of followers on your blog?

Should you use video and or images on your blog?

Do you want feedback on your blog?

Have you taken different monitor sizes and browser windows into account?

Do you want subscribers to your blog and if so, do you want to display that?

Do you want RSS feed on your blog?

Should you label?

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