Friday, May 1, 2009

Final Exam Preview

Your final exam will be given on May 20, our last class meeting. As I mentioned on Wednesday, your grade on the final will be determined by an evaluation of your class blog, as well as an in-class exercise.


Your class blog will be evaluated for two things: completeness and consistency.

In short, you should have an article and a set of terms posted for each week that our class met since Wednesday, March 4 (i.e., you can exclude Spring Break weeks). The presence of all posts (regularly maintained content) will be the basis for your rating on completeness.

You should also have a style that is consistent for each type of post from week to week. Each news article post should look very much like every other; likewise for the terms. Styles should be carried through consistently.

I would also strongly recommend that you have each type of post labeled to provide an easy way for me to view them in their respective groups. If you didn't add a "labels" gadget yet, this would be a good time to do it.

As I said on Wednesday, if you have any concerns about the way the Blogger tool has affected the appearance of your posts (fonts not appearing as you intended), please bring this to my attention by email and discuss it with me at our next meeting.

In-Class Exam

For the in-class portion of the exam, you'll be asked to demonstrate your ability to apply the skills that we've been learning in the second half of class. You may be asked to create a numbered outline/inventory of a website, create a basic site diagram, and create one or more wireframes. There will be no surprises on this portion of the exam. If you practice these skills in class, you should be well-equipped to complete the in-class portion of the exam.

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