Friday, May 1, 2009

Optional Midterm Exercise (Due No Later Than May 13)

As we discussed in class, students who received a B+ or lower on the midterm can complete this optional assignment to raise their grade up to two steps (e.g., C to B-, or B- to B+).


The assignment is to create two separate guides to adding posts on your blog, one for each type of post (i.e., a guide to adding terms and a guide to adding news articles). This does not have to be written in essay form. You can write this as a set (or two sets) of step-by-step instructions, numbering each step or using a combination of short paragraphs and bullet points.

The important thing for you to accomplish in this assignment is to give someone enough information to add content to your site, format it correctly, and label it properly. You DO NOT need to give instructions for how to log in to Blogger. From the technical standpoint, you can begin with the instruction to create a new post, assuming basic knowledge of logging in.

For each guide you should, however, explain briefly how to find the appropriate type of content to post. Give a brief explanation of the sort of terms you post, or what topics and/or sources for articles you usually use (for example, "Perform a Google search for the phrase 'information design news' and ..." or "Go the New York Times Technology section and ...").

Make sure you cover how text should be formatted, how posts should be titled, what labels should be applied, how dates should be handled, whether images should be included (if so, then where, what size, and what format?). The more of this sort of information you clearly convey, the better.

Submission Guidelines:
For this assignment, please submit a typed, double-spaced hard copy only. No electronic submission for this assignment.

Please be sure that your name and date are included on the hard copy.

Due Date:
6 p.m., Wednesday, May 13 (You are welcome and encouraged to submit this assignment earlier. Wednesday, May 13, will be the last day it is accepted.)

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